5 reasons why fans anti Koeman

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Despite being given the opportunity from Joan Laporta to work in the Camp Nou, but for Barcelona. And they have lost faith in Ronald Koeman from many past events. What is the reason that Kuman is no longer accepted?

Despite Joan Laporta backing Ronald Koeman to stay at Barcelona, ​​the 58-year-old still has enough credit to work at Camp Nou.

However, for most of Barcelona, ​​Koeman is not worthy of continuing with the team. For reasons that are not just the poor results. But there were still many things that caused them to lose their faith in Kooman. 

Below are the reasons why disciples ‘Azul Grana’ no longer brings Koeman 

1. Attack your own players

In many interviews Koeman has often referred to the potential of this squad as being weaker than the previous generation. Such as the interview after the game, Granada 1-1, that the group of players at this time Can’t play Tiki-Taka. He doesn’t have a player with the speed and technique that is good enough to play like that. 

Once again, in an interview after the 3-0 defeat at Benfica in Lisbon, Koeman said we had to demand more from the players. This reflects that the players have not rolled out their full potential as they should be. 

Or in the latest game against Atletico Madrid, Koeman criticized the team’s young midfielder Nico Gonzalez as the cause of the team’s first goal.  

“Nico left Lemar empty, he couldn’t open that space when he lost the ball. He should mark his opponent. Maybe because of this we should play with a three-centre-back system.”

“In midfield you have to mark the players all the time and have to do more, with goals conceded it complicates things.

with an interview like this Whether true or not, fans think Koeman deserves to speak it in the dressing room directly to the players rather than through the media. 

The worst thing is to name the players he sees as making mistakes, regardless of whether or not it affects the atmosphere and feel of the team.  

Nico Gonzalez is just 19, and as a trainer he should protect his players in the public no matter what mistakes they make. As for whether to attack or criticize each other internally, no one said that. 

Koeman’s approach to interviews differs from coaches such as Cholo Simeone, Car Ancelotti, Julen Lopetegui and even Zinedine Zidane, who have never been named. Kick yourself for playing wrongly in the media at all. 

2.Play system and style 

Koeman has used a different system of play throughout his managerial career since last season. Barcelona’s signature 4-3-3 system that fans are proud of is no longer an untouchable system in the Barcelona era. he 

Koeman opted for a 4-2-3-1 system in his first season. Then when the results start to fall, then adjust to use 3-5-2 alternating with 4-3-3. 

In many games this season Koeman has chosen to bet on the 3-5-2 system because he wants a solid defensive line, especially against stronger opponents. But the result of the match was not as expected. 

In the big 3 games against Bayern Munich, Benfica and Atletico Madrid, Koeman chose a three-centre-back system and lost all three games, conceding 8 goals and not scoring. 

As for style of play, Koeman has been heavily criticized for losing Barcelona’s signature style of play that emphasizes possession and short passes in the 1-1 draw with Granada. Camp Nou Koeman ordered his team to bomb, which came out throughout the game as Barcelona threw 54 times at Granada, some even saying. “It’s a shameful thing.”  

3. Negative attitude

Koeman had always insisted that he was a real person, not a fanatic. That made him view the current team as not good enough to win the UEFA Champions League. Champions League 

“In the Champions League You can’t expect something called a miracle, finishing high in La Liga [winning the Champions League quota] is an accomplishment. 

Koeman’s speech is divide into two views, the first one understands and agrees with Koeman. That it is acceptance of reality. Admit that what Barcelona is now.

But on the other hand, many fans think that Kooman has no ambitions and a stubborn heart and does not dare to dream. No fighter Thinking that you are not good enough will never succeed. 

For this the board is not happy with this attitude of Koeman, they think the team can’t think of going down in the game without playing. Because it is Barcelona that will have to go down with. Always thinking of winning 

4. There is no equal opportunity for players.

This is one of the issues that Koeman has been attacking since the first season of his career. There are some players who rarely get a chance from him for reasons that are unclear. 

Riki Push, the favorite of the Gules, has always been a hot topic. which greatly offended the fans Because fans believe that Push is a good player and can help the team. There is also a dedication from the La Masia bloodline. But becoming him, the 22-year-old midfielder barely got a chance from Koeman. 

Last season, Push has started in La Liga only 2 games, including 292 minutes of playing time. This year, Push was sent by Koeman to play 76 minutes from the past 7 games. 

Another controversial case is the case of Miralem Pjanic, the Bosnian international midfielder, who has been almost forgotten by Koeman since joining from Juventus. 

Panic criticized Koeman after joining Besiktas on loan, saying: “Kooman ditched my name in the first place. without giving him the opportunity to prove himself.”  

The other is Samuel Umtiti, the defender of the French national team. This guy has been having problems with injuries for the past three years, but now he’s back fit and has been named in several games. But until now, I haven’t had a chance to play even for a minute. 

Kooman’s actions made fans feel he was unfair. and full of prejudice Which is one of the reasons why the team collapses. 

5. Choose the wrong bet

The signing of Luc de Jong was one of the things Koeman underwent a heavy blow. Fans disagreed with the selection of the Dutch spearhead. Because of the view that the quality of the players are not good enough to play for the team More importantly, it’s a matter of style of play that De Jong seems to be more comfortable with in the air. On the ground he was a striker with no mobility. and doesn’t go well with the ball Which is not the style of play that Barcelona want.

Koeman ignored the criticism. He chose to bet on Luc de Jong, even saying that 

“In the air, Luc de Jong is more dangerous than Neymar.” 

“Luke is a different player than the strikers we have. We also lost Antoine Griezmann, I do not want to compare Luke and Griezmann, but on the last day of the transfer market. We lost the front That leaves us with only three strikers left.”

Koeman bets on Luc de Jong amid fans’ disagreement And so far the Dutch striker has not been able to bring out his best form. So he was hit hard on this decision.