Azpilicueta contract extension automatically

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Chelsea relieved to one person. Arrange a contract extension with Cesar Azpilicueta out for another year Although the current club can not extend the contract with any player ufabet.

Sky Sports reports that Azpilicueta has made the minimum number of appearances for Chelsea. Therefore entered the condition to automatically extend the contract for another 12 months. Causing the current contract to expire on June 30 this year Extend the expiration date to 2023.

Azpilicueta is one of the three main defenders of the current team. Who is out of contract after the end of this season. Along with Antonio Rudiger and Andreas Christensen by the Danish national team centre-back, reportedly agreed with Barcelona already.

For Chelsea, it is not possible to do many things, one of which is to renew contracts with the players. After Russian club owner Roman Abramovich was sanction by the UK government. However, the current automatic contract extension became an exception the club could make.

Spanish media of course remain very convinced that Azpilicueta will eventually end up at Barcelona before next season, just as they have been since the turn of the year — “yes or yes” — and Law also very much leaves open that possibility.

Basically, it’s the Olivier Giroud situation from last year. Whose contract was also unilaterally extend before being allowed to join AC Milan for a token fee — though given Azpi’s legendary status at the club. We possibly wouldn’t even charge a penny.