Barcelona reveals last season loss of nearly 500 million euros

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Barcelona president Joan Laporta still has to deal with problems both on and off the pitch. After revealing last season’s operating results, losses of almost 500 million euros

Barcelona has released its results for the 2020-2021 season amid the coronavirus pandemic. With a post-tax loss of 481 million euros, with full-year revenue of 631 million euros, but with lump-sum expenses. Growing to 1,136 million euros, according to Mundo deportivo reports on Tuesday. 

Azul Grana had a budget of 825 million euros for the season and projected profit after tax of around 1 million euros, compare to a fall of 224 million euros in 2019-2020 season revenue. Estimated at 855 million euros, while expenses jump from 955 million euros to 1,136 million euros, the highest in the ufabet club‘s history. After 122 million euros was invest in the development of the ‘Espi Barça’ project and other special investments.

for this season The club expects revenue to rise to 765 million euros. While the club will open the Camp Nou to support the full capacity of the stadium. There will also be money from various sponsorships including visiting the museum and purchasing the club’s souvenirs.

The key to improving the club’s finances is cost reductions to €784 million. Largely due to the wage cut of around 31 per cent, mostly Lionel Messi’s move. To sign a two-year contract with Paris Saint-Germain without a fee in the past summer. 

Barcelona expect the club to earn at least 19 million euros on operating results for the 2021-2022 season, with Azulgrana’s director general, Ferran Reiberter, revealing the club has cash. In the bank, about 63 million euros, but with outstanding debt of 533 million euros.