Paris Saint-Germain, captain view

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Paris Saint-Germain May be defeated in Ligue 1 this season already at the hands of Rennes, but it is undeniable that the previous eight games of PSG were excellent.

Paris Saint-Germain ‘s success of winning 8 games in a row is considered to be on target. And it was a good start as they had hoped.

In Marquinhos’ view, it’s a good sign. But the team still has to level up to the point that everyone expects and it’s the players’ job to reach that level.

How does Marquinhos feel after the summer of the Copa America and returning later than scheduled for pre-season?

“I feel really good. I’m already familiar with the new season. when coming back You don’t have to go into pre-season training as needed. But the coach is making sure we are ready for this year. He takes his time and gives us a few weeks of serious training before playing. And that’s a very valuable thing, yes it means we didn’t play a bit at the start of the season. But we know we’ll be ready for the rest of the season and now we’re going to have games coming in steadily and fast. which I feel really good about.”

We seem to be getting better and better. Is that the same case in the dressing room?

“Yes, of course, we talk about the team as well. We are feeling that the team is getting better and better. We had a hard time in the first few games but it was actually because we were not able to adapt to the new environment, even if you worked hard and gave your best. But the competition differs in intensity. So at the moment we are getting into the rhythm of coming on the pitch very quickly.”

Paris have started the season well with eight wins in their eight games this season (before the game against Rennes). Is this important for a good start in the Ligue 1 stage?

“Yes, it’s a challenge. when you are a contestant You must immediately lead yourself to the title of winner again. at the start of the season We talked that this year must not be as wrong as last year. Because we finished second with only one point behind. And that’s the point you’ve got to get at the start of the season. Even if it’s a difficult game You have to say to yourself that if we win it will make a difference in the end.”