Pep insists Manchester City play very patiently

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Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola insists his team have to play very patiently to beat Chelsea as the Blues are a team of high quality.

The Spanish chief said “It’s absolutely appropriate. We cannot expect 10 or 12 chances against that team. They are European champions.”

“They waited for time to punish us. And we scored during the transition from defensive to offensive. We know which team we are playing against. and how good they are ufabet.”

“Overall today we have a lot of patience During the transition from defensive to offensive they were one of the strongest teams. Of course, like Liverpool, if we don’t stop them. they will be able to run And they are doing very well. Sometimes the situation may seem simple. But it’s too hard.”

Pep also mentioned that Kevin De Bruyne scored the winning goal. “We’ve been together since day one here, what we do, we’ve done together. He has won many awards at this club. And he’s still the same person I met on the first day.”

“He’s incredibly humble. Always do for the team It was very difficult to find a player with such humility. I know the start of the season was not the best for him. But we are always ready to help him. The door is normal for him. because he deserves it.”